Wednesday, May 16, 2012

gDiaper Review

Since gDiapers seem to be pretty mainstream, I will do a quick review. I have always avoided them like the plague because they are a 3 part diaper. Yes, that is not a typo, 3 parts. You have the gPants, which is an outer cotton/spandex shell that is NOT waterproof, BUT is very cute, with fun colors or prints. You have an inner liner that is waterproof that snaps into the gpants sometimes called a pouch. Then you have your absorbant layer. I know that alot of people use these diapers because they are a hybrid, a cross between reusable and disposable. You can get their disposable/compostable inserts or you can use gcloth, or another insert like a prefold.

 I got two medium gDiapers off a swap board on facebook that are in excellent used condition. Practically brand new. They consist of the gPants in orange and green, 2 inner liners and 2 gcloth, which are 2 layers fleece on the top and 2 layers of hemp/cotton mix for the absorbent layers. I am a die hard cloth user, so I am not so much a fan of disposable inserts... but... I do have some flip disposable inserts that I will review in the gdiapers too.

With a prefold trifolded inside- It's a little bulkier like other cloth diapers

Trying to feed his cousin a bottle :)

gDiaper with gCloth- so trim!

Not too much more bulk to it than a disposable. That's because the gCloth is incredibly trim!


  • Being a trim diaper is one of the gDiapers claim to fame. Yes, using a gcloth insert in the diaper makes it a trim diaper. I am sure using a disposable insert would be very trim too.
  • Sized diapers for optimum fit. The size medium fits #3 perfectly. 
  • Disposable inserts you can toss, flush or compost because they are 100% biodegradable, very cool. Better for the earth than disposable diapers, but still super convenient.
  • Velcro in the back so little ones don't try to pull off their diaper. #3 successfully wore them without any clothes on and did not rip them off like he does with all other velcro diapers.
  • Waistband and leg gussets do not leave marks like other diapers do.
  • GCloth inserts are a perfect combo of stay dry fleece and natural fiber hemp/cotton. A 6pack with cost you $30, so $5 a piece
  • Cute
  • Widely available, even at mainstream Babies R Us and some Target stores.
  • Hold value well for resale.


  • Sized diapers means 3 or more different sets that you have to buy. Diapers right now are priced from $17.99 to $19.99 on their website. It comes with 1 outer gpants and 1 liner. Their blog suggests 6-8 gpants per size. $18x8=$144 Plus add the gcloth inserts and they suggest 4 packs of 6 for a total of 24 gcloth inserts. 4x$30= $120. So $264 total for small size, then gcloth inserts are m/l so you just need new gpants in medium and large. So you are looking at about $264 for small, medium $264 and large $144. So total $672. Yes you can sell the smaller sizes to recoup some money, but still spendy!
  • If you go Disposable inserts, its going to get spendy, at $14.99 for 32 m/l inserts, its more expensive than disposables! 
  • There are 3 pieces to deal with instead of 1 or 2.
  • Snap in liners snap in at 4 different points, takes way longer than 1 snap in the back to take apart or put together.
  • Gpants and liners should not be washed in hot. So seperate loads of laundry. I wash my pants and liners with my kids' clothes, gcloth with the rest of my diapers. I also hang dry the pants and liners with the rest of my covers.
  • Velcro is on the back so its a learning curve how to put it on a squirmy baby or toddler.
  • Velcro wears out faster than snaps.
  • Gcloth does not have very many thirsty absorbent layers, only 2 hemp/cotton, so often times have to use 2 gcloth or a doubler, or change way more often when you have a heavy wetter.

I have a cloth diaper group I belong to and one of the ladies uses gDiapers as the main part of her stash. I asked her if she would write up a little blurb for me from a real gUser. I hope you enjoy what she has to say about g's!!!

And to show you how adorable gDiapers are, I have my gMum's even more adorable little girl CaitlinJoy (10 months) to model them! How stinkin' cute is she rockin' the gBloom set, the newest girl's set from gDiapers?!

one gMum's perspective
Several months into my last pregnancy, I started researching different cloth diapers primarily because I was worried that my baby girl would have sensitive skin and know there are many chemicals that go into making a disposable diaper that could irritate a baby's soft skin. After hours upon hours of research (no joke, I even made spreadsheets of pros and cons along with info on the companies I looked at), I decided on gDiapers. gDiapers was started up by a husband/wife team from Australia but who are now in Portland, OR. It’s a small company with only several employees including the founders, but they are one of the most friendly, family-oriented companies I’ve ever encountered. Customer service is friendly and will take the time to answer your questions, concerns and do whatever it takes to help you as a parent be able to use their product successfully and want to spread the gLove to others!

So, it's been 10mos since my daughter was born. How do I feel about g's? Well, I love them! Although there is a high learning curve to using them, they aren't OS like many pockets/AIO's and they have several parts to them rather than one or two like other CD's, they are my go-to diapers during the daytime and the only diapers I use and bring along when we are traveling (we've flown to visit family every 3mos since dd was born).

One of the reasons I went with gDiapers is because they are super trim (and incredibly cute)! g’s are touted to be one of the trimmest CD’s on the market. We started baby girl in tiny g's (for newborns) as soon as she was born. These are a little different than the small/medium/large/XL sized gPants in that they have a built in waterproof liner rather than using the snap-in waterproof pouch. There’s only one style (white with gWords vs the many colors, prints and styles available in all other sizes) and it has snaps to change the rise of the pant which lets you protect the umbilical cord stump while it's healing by making the diaper a little lower in the front. My daughter stayed in tiny g's for her first 7-8weeks but many babies stay in them for shorter amount of times or move straight into the small gPants from birth if they're a little bit bigger. gDiapers recommends using their biodegradable gRefills with the tiny g's. For us, having the option to use the gRefills was great, even if the refills themselves are as expensive as using ‘sposies. I could compost her wet refills outside in our compost pile and either flush or dump her poopy ones. Plus, I didn’t have to worry about washing her diapers constantly during those first few weeks of adjusting to a newborn in the house. Once we moved into smalls (fit for 8-14lb range), I started using our cloth inserts rather than the refills. We’ve used a variety of inserts; gCloth, GMD unbleached prefolds, gFlappers (made by The Nappy Shoppe), and still the occasional gRefill when out of the house for more than a few hours or traveling. Some mamas even use flour sack towels from Target/Walmart as a super cheap yet absorbent alternative. I appreciate the fact that there are so many options available to use as a cloth insert. Now that we are in mediums (fits 13-28lbs) and almost into our larges (fits 26-26lbs), I have only been using all-bamboo or bamboo-hemp gFlappers from The Nappy Shoppe. Another reason I like using our g’s is that I don’t have to wash them after every single change. Unless the pouch gets poop on it or pee gets on the outer pant, I just let the diaper air out in between changes and reuse it for the next diaper change. The only part that gets put into the diaper pail each time is the cloth insert. That means less laundry for me!! It also means you don’t need as many diapers on hand to CD full-time. gDiapers recommends about 6-8 gPants in each size to diaper with relative ease. I found this to be pretty true. You’d want at least double the number of their snap-in pouches since those can get dirtier faster and the number of inserts (whatever you use) would depend on how often you change your baby and how often you want to do laundry. g’s are widely available online (,, Target, Walgreens) or in-store at retailers like BRU.

Overall, I really love the flexibility of using g’s and would recommend any parent considering cloth diapering to give them a try!


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  2. Please recommend me some diapers that can be used all night with no fear. It should have great leakage protection.
    honest diapers

    1. Best Bottoms! They have overnight doublers
      My 9month old is dry with these but is wetting less at night lately, so a regular hemp nsert is often enough.
      I like BB better than g's, which I used to use all the time. Same principle but simpler. Covers have snaps for adjustability and the liners snap in but you can wipe out the covers to reuse. I often found my gCovers would get soiled on the legs and would go through covers much faster than I should have. I really think it depends on the child's build. My older son was a super chunk and they worked great but I just feel the BB give me a trim fit, better absorption, and the double elastic legs don't let anything get out. Gotta use the hemp inserts though. I despise microfiber.

      Thirstiest also makes a hemp flat fold insert that is fabulous! You can layer another insert, like a gCloth inside for extra umph at night but they are still trim. And you can fold it differently to suit your childs size. I'm still using the small for my son.

  3. Hi Sarah, I recommend using Blueberry Capri diaper covers and inserts. That is what we use for our 2.5 year old son for night time!

  4. Yeah but this says nothing about how absorbent they are, what explosions are like in them? That's my main concern. I just started with gDiapers a few days ago and my 6 month old had a big explosions, it was a total B to clean up! I normally use Honest diapers and switching to g's would not be a TON cheaper, but they are biodegradable and I like that. So now I am contemplating...keep Honest or find out how to prevent such insane explosions?!

    1. Chelsea, I am not a g lover. I tried them for the review and then sold them because I didn't like them. I would recommend a different type of diaper all together. If you are looking to stay with the disposable insert route, check out Gro-Via and Flip diapers. Cheaper than G's and they are one size diapers.

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