Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 2


Day 2- So what am I using this week?!

  1. 12 flats, 6 Osocozy flats, and 6 receiving blanket flats I was going to sell in a garage sale.
  2. A few covers. This year there is no limit on the number, Last year I believe you could use 5, so that is what i am shooting for. I have 3 flip covers, my least expensive cover with flaps, so that is what I will be using the most. I will supplement with my other covers if I have to.
  3. 1 upcycled wool cover for night time because its most breathable and keeps #3 the most dry at night.
  4. 1, maybe 2, super old fuzzibunz pocket diapers that the PUL is completely gone off of. I use these any ways at night as a stay dry fitted stuffed with a flat or 2, depending on when  I get the washing done each day. I am betting I will wash in the mornings or early afternoons when the kids are down for a nap. 
  5. A kitty litter pail I got from my mom to use as dirty diaper storage and how I will be washing diapers this week. I do still need to pick up a plunger tonight to make a camp style washer.
  6. Rockin Green Hard Rock detergent. I normally use Tide Powder, but for the challenge I want something a little more gentle on my hands, and I have some leftover from when I used to use it. Good way to use a little more up right?!
  7. Cloth wipes. I have several types of cloth wipes, and as I was using a 2 layer cotton one this morning, I thought how it would be easier to wash and get clean a single layer wipe than a 2 layer wipe. So for the rest of the challenge I will be using my baby washcloths that I use as cloth wipes because they are single layer and repurposed.
  8. Coconut Oil for rash cream. I don't foresee any rashes this week, unless teething those molars for #3 kicks in hard core. But coconut oil can be found at your grocery store, and is readily available, and fairly cheap and cloth safe, so I will be using that if needed.
  9. A snappi. I don't normally use one with my prefolds, but if I want to get fancy with my flat folding I may need one. :-) Also if we go out and about, I will use 1 small travel wetbag.
For now, I think this is all I will need!

Ok, So #2 and I just handwashed for the first time. My hands are shaking! It  was hard work, but totally gratifying to see them out on the line flapping in the breeze drying. My hands are dried out, I will be using gloves for sure tomorrow. It took us about 40 minutes, I let the dirties soak in a pail for a while, then to do our first rinse, I added a pinch of Rockin Green then plunged. Emptied out the rinse, wrung them then filled the pail back up to do the wash with some more RnG. Plunged like crazy and even had #2 help me, hey she asked to try it! Emptied the wash, then we rinsed in the big tub, plunged, swirled, etc. then rinsed under faucet to get any leftover soap out and wrung out and hung them outside on our line. I think I will try the grape stomp method next time, as recommended by a friend who did the challenge last year with 3 in cloth!!!!
Our first night of the challenge, last night went well too. #3 fell asleep on our way home from Target at about 8pm last night, so I just put him to bed. He woke up at about 11pm to nurse, so I stuffed my old no PUL Fuzzibunz with only 1 flat, put on his upcycled wool soaker, and he slept until 7am this morning. Wasn't super soaked either, I would say pretty normal! Yay!

So, so far so good. I feel some big muscles in my near future :)

1st rinse

plunging 1st rinse

after 1st rinse

Wringing out

Wash with detergent

#2 Helping me out

Final Rinse

And Ta Da! Clean diapers out on the line!

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