Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rumparooz Pocket Diaper Review

So I have had this diaper for awhile now, It's been great to me, so I thought I should review it!

Rumparooz G2 One Size Pocket Diaper in the color Bermuda (blue)



  • Bulletproof! We haven't had a leak out of it yet!
  • Double leg gussets, nothing can escape this thing!
  • Pretty colors and patterns.
  • Comes in snaps or aplix depending on your personal preference.
  • Diapers with snaps has double row of snaps across the belly so there is no wing droop.
  • Super soft fleece interior for stay dry effect, also poo sprays off nicely. 
  • Comes with 2 inserts, a large regular sized 6-r insert, and a smaller  soaker that is contoured to fit even the smallest of babies.
  • 4 rise settings, to fit from 6-35 pounds
  • Super easy to use, great for daycare, dads, and grandparents, typical pocket diaper.
  • Snaps on the inserts to make the large one smaller, and to snap the smaller and larger inserts together for easier stuffing.
  • Good night time diaper for an average wetter, just use both inserts! 
  • At an average of $23-$25 per diaper,  it is not the most economical diaper to buy. Definitely a more pricier diaper out there.
  • The rise is short. This means that it will probably not last until potty training. My son is pretty average build, tall and on the skinnier side and about 23 pounds, but he is already on the second to last rise setting. Completely unsnapped, unstretched, the rise is only about 13.5inches in total length of this diaper. 
  • Pocket diaper. For me, stuffing pockets is a pain in the butt. So it is not on my regular to use pile of diapers.
  • Small pocket opening, it does stretch, but I do find this diaper a tad difficult to stuff.

My overall view on this diaper is a grade of B-. If the price wasn't so much, it would be a B+ for a pocket diaper. This diaper has been super easy to use, and I get a fine fit with it. It will not last us till potty training however, for my tall and skinny guy. The belly snaps I don't see him ever getting to big for, but he will have plumbers butt once he gets older, because the diaper itself is just not tall enough.

Such a pretty color blue!

Inner of the diaper so so soft! And gotta love the double leg gussets to help contain any yucky mess!

Pocket opening in the back, elasticized.

Both soakers, a small for newborns that is contoured, and the regular insert. Add both for added absorbancy!

Size chart for rise setting

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blueberry/Swaddlebees Clearance!

My favorite covers are on seconds clearance. I have 1 seconds Capri cover and cannot find 1 thing wrong with it! Get some great products for great prices!