Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flats and Handwashing Challenge Day 4

Day 4- Whatcha Think About Handwashing?
Day 4 Of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge by DirtyDiaperLaundry. Day 4 of NOT using my washer and dryer to wash my diapers and ONLY using Flats. The using flats isn't so bad, it's the handwashing that sucks! I have only washed twice, Day 2 and 3, and I will wash later today/tonight, but it' still tiring, Thankfully I have had a little helper. Its time consuming, my back gets sore, and its just tedious to make sure all the poop/pee/soap all gets out. And now since its been raining for 2 days, drying takes much much longer. I have found though, putting a fan aimed at the drying rack helps out with speeding things up! All I pray is that the rain stops soon so I can hang dry outside again!
Day 2s post I did a photo shoot of my handwashing fiasco. Day 3 was much the same, but today I may change it up a bit. I may try the grape stomp method. We will see if I am brave enough :)

On a side note, #3s rash, which I have self determined is Roseola, is going away. Thank goodness! Hopefully devil baby will go away once the rash is all healed. Ok he was only that bad for 2 days, now he is just back to being his feisty self.

Here he is today, totally uncooperative in letting me get a good photo of him in his flat. This is a receiving blanket I have been using, I like it just as much as my Osocozy flats!

I know this post, like most of them, are all over the place, I can never find a good flow, so I just go with what pops in my head, so bear with me! Another positive on all this, is that folding and putting away takes mere minutes now. I just padfold all my flats, and lay them by the couch along with my wipes and covers. No running them upstairs to put them away, no matching up diapers with inserts or folding prefolds all the same way. While I do enjoy that and love it and its my quiet time, it does eat up some time. By just folding the flats up in rectangles, and only a few at a time, makes it all way more fast and I am on with the rest of my day! Do I miss my other diapers and washing machine? Heck YES! Can I wait for this week to be over so I can become lazy again by just tossing the dirties in the machine? Oh I can't wait!!!! Am I finding MAJOR appreciation for modern technology? Oh Good Gracious that is a resounding YES YES YES!!!!!! So, While I am finding appreciation for people that HAVE to do this, whether it be cloth diapers only, or they have to do all their laundry this way, I have to say, after this week is over, I will never handwash again, unless I have to. Oh and next years Challenge :)

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