Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our Baby is Here!

Our sweet #4 was born January 1, 2014. She was the first baby born at our hospital! Labor was natural (and I won't lie, very painful) and took about 6 hours total. She was 7pounds 7ounces at birth. She is as sweet as can be, loves to sleep and everyone just adores her!

We've been home for a few days now and started cloth diapering yesterday (the 6th). I'm still using sposies at night, because we got several from the hospital, and she's got a touch of jaundice so I've really been trying to track every wet and poopy diaper. But I did put her in cloth and we did 6 cloth diapers yesterday. I started with the tiniest diapers I have, Lil' Joeys and nb THX. They are almost identical, with an umbilical cord snap down. The only real difference is Lil' Joeys have gussets, and THX do not (anymore), because LJ are patented and it was a patent infringement. I noticed the THX are a tad bigger in the leg holes. Which does matter if you've got an under 7 pound baby with major chicken legs!
Overall, they are super tiny diapers and fit #4 well. I recommend buying used, since they will be grown out of fast and can be spendy. Although THX are less than half the cost of the LJ. LJ are also an American born company, made both in the USA and overseas, and THX are considered a China knockoff.

Here she is in a Lil' Joeys newborn diaper

I'm really glad I got these AIO diapers. They were easy to use and the perfect diaper to start cloth diapering a newborn with, because no matter how seasoned you are at diapering, cloth diapering a newborn can be intimidating!