Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Softbums Review

Like I mentioned in a previous post, few months ago, I thought I could live without my Softbums. I was battling microfiber stink issues and was getting rid of diapers with microfiber. So I sold them. :( A few months pass by, and I still wish I had them. Like I REALLY wished that I still had them. So I was on the prowl for more. I sold mine for a steal of a deal. I wasn't about to pay full price, so I had to go used. Through Craigslist, a local diaper store selling used and a couple swapboards online, I managed to get almost the same amount I had before, minus 1 shell for what I sold mine for. So I have 6 shells and 18 pods(inserts) and about 8 minipods or newborn pods that are great for doublers. This can last me about 2-2.5 days.

Lets go over the Softbums anatomy. This is a TRUE birth to potty training diaper.

First we have an Echo shell. This is the waterproof part of the diaper. It has fun colors or prints on the outside printed on PUL fabric. The inner is a soft fleece. There are no snaps on the front of the diaper to adjust size. Softbums have slide2size, its a toggle system on the inner part of the diaper that you adjust to get the perfect fit on any baby because the sizing is so custom to each child! It has a snap on the back that the insert or pod snaps into to create an AI2 or All In Two diaper, meaning it has 2 parts to it, the shell and pod. Most people use 2 shells and rotate them each diaper change so they can dry and air out since the covers aren't wipeable.

Omni is similar to the echo with slide2size but its a little wider of a diaper and it has a pocket in the back of the diaper. Many people use Omnis at night time because they can stuff it with an insert and also lay one on the top. This also has a snap in the back. So the Omni can be used as a pocket or an AI2! Omnis are my personal favorite.
NEW SoftBums Omni Shell!  All-in-2 at home, pocket at daycare, prefold cover at night... Omni is the only one you need!
There are 3 great ways to use your Omni!

Snap It!Stuff It!Cover It!
Snap It!Stuff It!

Cover It!

Pods- There are a few different types of pods to choose from. I personally have used them in gDiapers,  Flip covers and several wahm(working at home mom) diaper shells. They are extremely versatile, and I even use them permanently in a couple wahm covers that didn't come with very good inserts!
Let's start with newborn pods. There is a microfiber Drytouch mini pod and an organic bamboo mini pod. These are great for newborns! Once out of the newborn stage, you can use them as doublers for naps, nights and heavy wetters.
Dry Touch Pod or O-Pod. These used to be called O-Pods and alot of people reference them as O-Pods. They are fleece topped for a stay dry effect and have 4 layers of microfiber.
Super Pods are fleece topped and have 3 layers of microfiber but are extra long and have a wide back end so when folded its 6 layers of microfiber.
Organic Bamboo Pods are organic bamboo and cotton and are an all natural option for those who only want to use all natural fibers for diapering. Most people love them (me not so much) and seem to be pretty absorbent and are really trim.

Don't use the same shell every diaper change. Rotate two shells every other change, that way the shell has time to air dry before going back on the bum.
I usually like 1 shell per 3 pods. So about 2-3 shells a day.
Make sure to use enough detergent to get the microfiber clean, but not too much! Each individuals wash routine may be a little different and it may take a little time to perfect your wash routine. That's OK and Normal!!!
Line drying your shells will prolong the life of them. (This goes for any cover!)
Play with the leg elastic if you feel its too tight or too loose.


  • Affordable! Depending on which pods you decide is best for you, for about $300, you can diaper your baby full time! That includes 8 echo shells, 24 pods, and 8 mini pods. If you look at a smaller package, just to see if you like them, 1 shell and 3 drytouch pods is $35.95. That's $11.98 per diaper change! That's a great deal!
  • Fun colors and prints
  • Locally made and family run(to me at least, it's a MN company!!!)
  • Super adjustable and can fit any sized baby, teeny tiny, to chunky monkey! #3 is long and lean with some big(ger) thighs and these fit him so well!
  • Comes in velcro or snap closure
  • Different options for inner absorbancy, natural fibers or stay dry?!
  • 2 different shells options  for an even better fit for your child.
  • Resale value holds well
  • Actually lasts through potty training and onto the next child!
  • This year Softbums has Calendar Bums, a new  limited edition color/print every month!
Cons. Honestly I can't think of very many! And it's not because I am biased and love them so much!
  • Not as many colors/prints in Omnis
  • No Omni packages on the website, haven't called though to ask about this!
  • Can't always find what you want used because everyone loves them and hangs onto them!
  • Some prints are limited editions, so once they are gone, they are gone, and are hard to find!
  • The slide2size toggle system has a learning curve.
  • Addicting! You will always want the latest shell color/print so be prepared to be tempted by super cuteness!(This could be a pro right?!?!)
  • If you get all velcro diapers, you may have a diaper-puller-offer, like #3, so pants or onesies become a must :(
  • Velcro eventually does wear out so will need to be replaced or converted to snaps.
And now comes the photo bomb! I will just add a bunch of photos of my little man in his Softbums!

About 5 weeks old when we started in cloth! Buttercup echo with a drytouch mini

About 6 or 7 weeks. I think this is about the time we switched to a regular sized pod.
And because they are all so cute here is all 3 :)

2 months

July 2011 about 6 months

July 2011 7 months

16 months- Here you can really see how trim they are, this is with a stay dry insert, that is shaped like the superdrytouch. (Which is the old style) So the insert even is folded over in the front!

Can you tell he has a Cloth diaper on?! Softbums are trim diapers!!!


  1. These all child looks awesome, Especially i like this little one. I also currently use cloth diapers for my baby. In these all pictures really amazing. I enjoyed this photos of you.

    Fuzzi Bunz

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