Monday, February 27, 2012

If I had to start over.....

This is what my stash would look like, on a BUDGET!!!!!

For 1-2 children lets say 6months + (Please look at size charts for YOUR baby, this is what I would use for MY baby who is about 20lbs and 30 inches tall and 14 months).
24-36 cottonbabies indian prefolds in either infant or regular size, trifolding into a cover. Infant $1.50 or regular $1.75. Up to $63.
from Greenmountaindiapers  /GMD (which seems to be the most recommended brand out there)
Red edge prefolds $32/dozen, so up to $96(for 3 dozen)
Brown edge prefolds $35/dozen, so up to $105

Right now #3 uses mostly infant sized prefolds trifolded into covers. I cannot snappi an infant sized around him anymore. He will be growing out of this size very soon even to trifold. If I were JUST starting, my choice would be go with a regular size and not infant. I would get
2 dozen regular indian prefolds from cottonbabies $42
1 dozen GMD medium red edge unbleached prefolds $32
Total for all prefolds- $74

Covers: Most people want a OS (one size) cover, but if you are starting late in the game, a sized cover isn't always a bad idea! These would be my budget friendly cover choices, I would want 6-10 total.
4-6 Econobum OS covers $8.95, or for a better deal for $1 more you get a prefold too! $39.80 for 4 covers and prefolds
4-6 Flip OS covers (in assorted solid colors only) $13.95 each. $55.80 for 4 covers
4-6 Thirsties Duo Wrap/Covers in size 2(18-40pounds) $12.75 for solid colors or $13.75 for prints, up to $55 for 4 covers

 My choices would be:
2 econobum covers with prefolds in  ribbit and moonbeam trim $19.90
5 Flip covers $69.75 in ribbit, grasshopper, moonbeam, twilight, and either butternut or clementine
3 Thirsties Duo Wraps all prints $41.25 in blackbird, coolstripes, and hoot
Total for my choice of 10 covers- $130.90

Great for dads/ babysitters or the diaper bag or when you just want a quick easy change. While velcro(or otherwise known as aplix or hook and loop have their advantages, I would always choose snaps over velcro. Velcro eventually wears out, and older babies, like mine, will rip the diaper right off!)
Sunbaby Diapers 6 diapers + 12 inserts for $45 (also have 12+ diaper packages)
Kawaii Baby Diapers $6.99per diaper or 6 diapers + 12 inserts $41.94 (also have 12+ diaper packages)
I like the 1 sunbaby diaper I have, and have not personally tried Kawaii, but its recommended as a good affordable option. I can tell you right now, I do not believe my (old style) sunbaby will go past 30 pounds.

My choices:
6 sunbabys $45
Total- $45

Snappis diaper fastener triple pack- (from GMD since I would be ordering  from them anyways) $7.55
CJ's BUTTer skin protectant 4oz tub $10 or 1/2 oz. sample jars $1.50 each(so many scents to choose from!) I like ordering from SewCraftBaby because of the sample jars plus she has free shipping!!!!
WetBags- from 529 baby 2 large wetbags $19each, small and medium wetbag set $18.75, $5 shipping total
DIY Fleece liners for on the go or diaper rash ointment or to stay dry (just cut up some fleece!) $6
Stay Dry Doublers bumGenius 6-pack  (great for stay dry factor AND adds absorbancy!) $11.90
Total: $97.20

My budget stash + accessories total- $347.10 and total number of diaper changes= 44
You definitely can keep this under $300. You can subract 1 dozen cottonbabies prefolds and get 10 econobum covers/prefolds and keep everything else and your total would be $294.70. Total number of diaper changes= 40

Either way, 40 or 44 diaper changes is ALOT of changes! That would allow washing every 3 days and you could even do 2 kids with this stash!!!! You would not however be able to fit 3 days worth of diapers in a large wetbag, you could get a large pail liner from 529 baby for $13.50.

For Super budget cloth diapering use Econobum Full Kit- 3 covers, 12 prefolds, and 1 medium sized wetbag. Get 2 of these kits and its all you need! For less than $100!
Editor's note: While they say Econobums will work from birth to potty, in my personal experience, this is NOT a system you would want to use on a small baby. The prefolds are incredibly bulky and folded the short way, poor baby's legs are so far apart I just do not recommend at all. Now for an older baby or toddler, I would highly recommend this set!

If you need help or have any questions, feel free to ask!

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