Thursday, July 19, 2012


Warning, sad post.

So very recently I experienced an early miscarriage. The baby passed away at 7 weeks, and I didn't find out until 12 weeks. I don't need to go into any more details than that, but its been rough and we are all very sad at our house because we were looking forward to a new baby.
Anyway, a friend of mine in another state was selling some Goodmama fitteds for a super steal of a deal, and I asked her about 2 of them because I loved the prints! Sadly she said she had mailed those two out an hour earlier. I was bummed. Well lo and behold, I received a package 2 days later with those 2 diapers in it! So I messaged her and told her I had gotten those two diapers in the mail, and was it a mistake and does she want me to forward them on... I had recently bought some other diapers from her, so my address would have been fresh in her paypal queu. She said no, they were a gift and she hoped that they would bring a smile to my face. I cried instantly. Here was a mom who had lots of littles herself with her own struggles, paying a kindness forward, to a friend who was down in the dumps. Those diapers DID indeed bring a smile to my face, and while they won't bring my baby back, it gave me a renewal in humanity, and a refresher in kindness. 

So I encourage you to pay it forward. You never know how a small little something you do for someone else will affect them. Hopefully they will continue the chain and pay it forward. God bless people like my friend, for they are truly special.

Not a great pic, I used my iPod, but #3 looks so cute in his Goodmama cd diaper!

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